Innovative ideas that work

Yes, innovation can be fast, painless and risk-free
thanks to Seth & Dunn

Most businesses know all too well that continuous innovation is key to keep smaller and more agile players from outrunning them. At the same time, though, they avoid implementing changes as they feel it is a painful, not to mention risky process. Their application landscape outdated and their staff preferring to stick to the technologies and workflows they know best, these companies end up giving their more innovative competitors free rein. Unless Seth & Dunn step in first.

Discover how we help organizations innovate with fewer risks – and fewer resources – to significantly increase their speed to market.

It’s time to put validated learnings first

Seth & Dunn swears by customer-focused innovation which starts capturing customer or end user feedback early in the product or service development cycle. Our methodology eliminates all unnecessary (often bureaucratic) factors from the equation and puts validated learnings first for a risk-free approach. Once introduced, our innovation processes enable you to invent, develop, test and launch new products and services at record speed while continuing to validate and improve them as market insights evolve.

The Seth & Dunn approach

Rest assured. Innovation may sound like a daunting process that will ultimately make you lose control, but in fact it’s quite the contrary if you opt for the Seth & Dunn approach.

Your co-pilot

You keep the overview at all times. Acting as your co-pilot, our experienced team of innovators continuously report back to you while leaving you at the steering wheel.

Speed to market

The Seth & Dunn approach is based on tried-and-tested startup methods, enabling us to meet even the shortest of deadlines.

Agile & iterative

Although our team of innovators operate faster than you can say “innovation”, they work in small steps. That means they can easily adapt your innovation project to whichever problem emerges or may occur in the future, leaving you virtually risk-free.

De-risking in a structured manner

We make decision-making a breeze. Focusing our approach on validated learnings allows us to (in)validate assumptions as soon as they occur, and to de-risk your business model in the best way possible.

Innovation. Everyone is doing it nowadays. Or at least everyone says they are. According to our market research, all that glitters is not gold behind the scenes. In my experience, you never walk a straight path from a fresh idea to a hockey-stick growth. It’s all about hard work, dealing with setbacks & searching for answers in a highly uncertain setting. That’s why you need a structured approach. Structure in innovation? Yes, we have a method to the madness!
Hans Robben, Head of Innovation

Co-creation @ the AE Hackathon

Seth & Dunn are part of the brains behind the annual AE Hackathon. Challenging consultants to co-create innovative solutions with their customers, the AE Hackathon has yielded series after series of impressive – not to mention socially relevant – minimum viable products over the years. Interested in participating? Let this year’s Hackaton teams inspire you!


Innovative delivery app for bpost

Have you heard about Parcify yet? It’s like Uber but for package deliveries! Co-created by Seth & Dunn and bpost, the innovative delivery app proves that bpost is perfectly capable of digital transformation without losing sight of its business model. The Parcify project was named ICT Project of the Year 2016 by Data News.