Come and meet us at Hack Belgium!

We’re almost there. In the past few weeks we’ve been counting the days towards the best-known innovation event in our country: Hack Belgium. Today, we will be preparing our booth and do the best we can to offer you a warm and very interesting welcome. We’ve prepared a nice surprise for you and are looking forward to having a chat on whatever innovation challenge that’s on your mind. On top of that, we’ll also host 2 workshops during the event on topics that are crucial for successful innovation.

In the first workshop we will share our experience on how to use the Value Proposition Canvas effectively. We will explain to entrepreneurs and innovators that they shouldn’t fall in love with their idea or product too soon. Getting your customer segment and the problem you’re solving right is the first step in prioritizing your products features. Hence, it’s a make or break skill that any innovator should have. The participants will get a hands-on experience. Those that want to take it into the next level are very welcome to come and talk to an expert after the workshop.

The second workshop we’ll be facilitating will be all about validating your assumptions because in all honesty, that is what your first business model is: a set of assumptions about the market that will be buying your product. Transforming these assumptions into validated learnings is of incredible value. It will enable you to make the right decisions, decrease risks and build confidence for the investments you are about to make.
We will offer the participants a practical approach that they can start executing right away during the event.

Finally,… Seth&Dunn experts will be available during the full period of the event. We have our own booth and it will be hard to pass it unnoticed. You can find us in the experience zone right in the middle of the action.

Come and see us to check your innovation health, get to know each other or get some personalized advice on your innovation challenges.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!

The Seth&Dunn Crew